The 30-Day Blissful Family Budget Challenge

The Blissful Family Budget Challenge

Do you feel like your budget is out of control? Your decision to change it all is in your hands!

Inside you will learn...

  • How to budget even when you suck at it (Despite living paycheck to paycheck)  
  • What kind of spender profile you fit into (With tips to curb your spending by knowing your triggers)  
  • How to reduce your expenses without sacrifices (No, you don't need to live a "frugal" life)  
  • How to meal plan like a boss (Even if you hate it...)  
  •  How to make adjustments in your budget so it always works for you  
  • How to talk to your spouse about money (Yes, this can suck but I have faith in you!)  
  •  How to plan for emergencies & save like nobody's business  
  • Plus my trick to saving money all the time!  
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